Our Mission

Protect Wine Country is an association of residents, winery owners, vineyard owners and affiliated businesses with the singular goal of protecting the Temecula Wine Country from incompatible uses in order to preserve the wine making and rural atmosphere of this important region.


Our organization was formed in March 2011 after learning that the Country of Riverside had passed an ill advised and sweeping ordinance designed to thwart the carefully crafted zoning rules that protected agricultural lands from commercial and incompatible development.  Protect Wine Country was formed with the recognition that:

  • pressure will increase in the coming years from developers, organizations, retailers and churches attempting to take advantage of the much lower cost of agriculturally zoned land;
  • Temecula Wine Country benefits from the unique and desirable ambiance of this area -- with it’s vineyards sweeping across gently rolling hills of this “citrus and vineyard zoning district;” and,
  • the Temecula/Murrieta economy will grow and the available but, ever more costly, commercial and dense residential zoned land will become more scarce.

Without some resistance by groups like ours in time the Wine Country of Temecula will only exist in the names of the housing tracks, malls, restaurants and schools named “Chardonnay Hills Homes, Cabernet Mall or Zinfandel Bistro.”  We have watched this happen to Rancho Cucamonga, which was once the largest swath of vineyards of all of California.

Anyone or any business or organization that believes, as our charter members believe, that defending this wonderful area of Southern California for the long term enjoyment of Californians for decades to come as a rural agricultural area is a battle worth fighting.

Our mission is simple --- to stop the urbanization of Wine Country. 

Litigation Against County of Riverside

On May 6, 2011, Protect Wine Country filed a lawsuit against the County of Riverside seeking to overturn Ordinance 348.4713, which amended Riverside County Ordinance 348 to allow uses not listed as a permitted use in a particular zone if the Planning Director determines the use to be of substantially the same in character and intensity as permitted uses in the same zone.  The Ordinance was overturned by the Court on January 20, 2012.

Your can read more about the lawsuit and history of the CV Zone by viewing this article.

Contact Us

if you have any questions or would like to speak with our officers, please feel free to contact on of our officers:

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